View Software - Landing Page or Website!?

Nathan B

Regular Member
Nov 22, 2008

I'm creating a YouTube View Software and I was wondering what would be the best design for selling something like this:

A Landing Page: hxxp://
A Website: hxxp://

I would suggest a website, If it is for something like a program I think more people would feel better about buying it from professional website. Thats just my opinion.

But either way, If you need someone to design it for you I here xplicit comes highly recommended.... :biggthump
When I'll need a landing page, I'll know where to go. ;)

And also I was also thinking of designing a website that looks like this:

Think that would be a good choice?
Thats joomla and I wouldnt go to that extreme, Just a basic 4 page site will do the trick, And when posting links no need for the xx's anymore, Just use the code option on top, its the #

So it comes out like this
Okay, thanks for the tip.

And isn't Joomla easier to work with? I've used it before and it feels easy to design and setup, or is there a reason I shouldn't use it?
If you know joomla then go for it, thats just my opinion, you dont need a big back end like that for selling software.
Okay, thanks so much for the tips and information. I will use Joomla then since I'm so familiar with it and it's easier to build a web page like that, hehe. :)
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