VideoBlog - Any PR!?


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Sep 17, 2008
I know this maybe a noob question but I really want to know are video blogs very difficult to get any PR since there are not much text content on them but a lot of videos? Any ideas on how to get PR for video blogs??

Thanks!! :D
Just get a few good backlinks with PR and you can boost your own PR and ranking. I have a couple of blogs with no text except the post title and tags and am ranking well for my keywords and have PR.
it doesn't matter if it's a video blog. all you need are backlinks from high pr sites
You can have any site. To raise the PR, you must have banklinks.
Get backlinks and add a paragraph or two about why you posted this
Video and why you like it or maybe why it's funny.
That's it if you do this like i told you Big G will be Happy Dude.
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