[Video] Matt Cutt's says don't just focus on SEO

Wow. He managed to talk for 2 and a half minutes without saying anything. Bravo.
Since i read this on a very slow connection, i can't see the video but i read all the comments and now i have a small idea for the content of the video.
I'm not a seo guru or very old in this, but i'm sure that if you search very old videos of this guy (4-5 years old) you will find advice like: add material to article directories, make social bookmarks etc. all the strategies you can't use today according to the same person!
So stay away from his advice!

Finally, my comment about G+. They try very-very hard to add value in this useless garbage service and they force g00gl3 users to add material in order to demonstrate that there is value in this garbage. There is a universal truth: if the user can't find value in a service, just doesn't use it! it is that simple! Even if g00gl3 force all their user to use G+ since there is no value the result will be nothing!
Of course there are some interesting elements in this service (like hangouts) but please dear g00gl3 executives, let the users to use this service for the value and don't force them! There is no-way users leave FB right now to use a similar service of no-value!
FIND SOMETHING NEW & INTERESTING! (and users will follow)
"What Does the Matt Fox Say?"

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To be honest, there's one clear message that he's trying to send out to people.

Create an Authority site, with top quality content, in order to see good search engine results.
0:52 "that's just the nature of the beast"
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