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    Video is the king,
    it brings also backlinks, and if the video is good and people got interested, they'll click the link in the description.

    I use the Camtasia - software for screen capture , to make different movies:

    1. The first movie is a screen capture of my website (if I have one) where I show the prople the website itseld, the menu and the features. I also invite them to submit to my newsletter and so on... Like a guide to my website. Of course, of there are different themes, you can make a seperate video for every topic. I connect a microphone (also a very simple web microphone will be good here) and record the screen and talk. At the end I save the file as a avi, wmv ot mp4 file and upload it to the web. Of course, I do add in the beggining and at the end the logo of my website, but this is not a must if don't know how to do that.

    2. With camtasia you can record pawerpoint and make to a movie. So, you can just convert the text of a post into powerpoint and just read it or even put a music and change the slideshots one after another and get a movie file that you can upload.

    3. If you need a voice over, you can always order some, but if this is not so important and you don't want to use your own voice, you can always use the google trasnlate. Put the text in the google translate window (from english to it doesn't matter which language) and you'll see that there's an icon of a speaker. If you press it there's a female voice reading the text. This is not perfect but it can work. You can record that voice with the camptasia or even with your smartphone as a voice file and add the powerpoint or a picture to it in movie maker.

    These are simple adn free ways to make some movies for you seo campaign. Of course if you add some value to them they'll be more effective.

    Good luck