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I've been working with Sony Vegas for a couple years now and I'm steadily learning how to get the hang of using Adobe AE. Sony Vegas is great but Adobe AE is #1. MANY (and I really mean it, MANY) benefits, techniques, and amazing videos you can whip out due to how many tutorials are out there and what you are capable of doing with Adobe AE (Infinite). Like in previous posts, it is the leading industry standard (Just had to add that in) ;)
Welcome guys, I love these new sections! Especially the graphic and this one! But hey, we need content!

What is the best software to edit video for you? I have used Adobe After Effects, Pinnacle Studio and Sony Vegas Pro. And yea I vote for AE, there are tons of tutorials across the Web so it's pretty easy to learn how to use this one.
Have you tried with movie masher ?
Hello all,
I just read the all post about Video editing software. Thanks for that. I am new. Please help me to discuss. I need to know how can get best video tutorial. I want to learn.Please help me.....!!!!!!!!!
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I use video watermark pro downloaded from here.

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Hey i have used Final Cut Pro for more than 10 years and would say it is the best on the market plus it lets you use Motion and Photoshop seminally. I have used adobe and find it to out of date compared to final cut, but thats just my opinion..
Well I have been using sony vegas for a little while now and i like it. It gets what I need done. Relatively simple video editing, Ive always wanted to try after effects though. I have heard good things.
I have been using sony vegas for many years to make youtube videos and other stuff, don't really think you will find a better program. Its pretty simple to use and as you said tons of tuts on youtube. If you looking for something more powerful probably go for after effects but i personally find it alittle confusing compared to vegas.
I vote for Adobe AE, if only for the simple fact that most
sellable templates are build for it (Videohive/Revostock/Digital Juice).
Sony and Adobe at the moment is the best products to video editing. I use sony becasue is have clean interface.
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