Victoria Swan strikes on Skype - he wants to talk about THE business

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    Well a pretty legit person :)pokey:) offered to provide traffic to our websites for free but for some "unknown" reason members reduced his rep.

    Anyway I thought to let you know that he is trying to scam via Skype too, here's a funny (I think) small conversation we had that shows that he clearly can't even scam. He is even bad at scamming how pathetic is that.

    Here it is:

    [B][12:24:38 πμ] victoria.swanie: Hi,psixanwmalos, I'm victoria.
    [12:24:47 πμ] *** psixanwmalos has shared contact details with Victoria Swan. ***
    [12:24:50 πμ] psixanwmalos: hey hello
    [12:25:04 πμ] Victoria Swan: Hi!
    [12:25:18 πμ] Victoria Swan: You know who i am
    [12:25:22 πμ] Victoria Swan: right?
    [12:26:51 πμ] psixanwmalos: batman?
    [12:27:11 πμ] Victoria Swan: no
    [12:27:18 πμ] Victoria Swan: I'm victoria
    [12:28:12 πμ] psixanwmalos: glad to meet you.
    [12:28:15 πμ] psixanwmalos: Klark Kent
    [12:28:56 πμ] Victoria Swan: You replyed me in BHW
    [12:29:01 πμ] Victoria Swan: remember?
    [12:29:13 πμ] psixanwmalos: on your thread about traffic?
    [12:29:28 πμ] Victoria Swan: Yes
    [12:29:51 πμ] Victoria Swan: I know you don't like me in the forum,
    [12:30:07 πμ] Victoria Swan: but the business is different
    [12:30:10 πμ] Victoria Swan: you know
    [12:30:29 πμ] psixanwmalos: cut to the point please.
    [12:30:47 πμ] Victoria Swan: so, do you have xml feed?
    [12:31:32 πμ] psixanwmalos: that was your point?
    [12:31:43 πμ] Victoria Swan: right
    [12:31:51 πμ] psixanwmalos: you are not even a female.
    [12:32:07 πμ] psixanwmalos: prove it to me, send me pics.
    [12:32:33 πμ] Victoria Swan: you don't want to talk about the business?
    [12:32:56 πμ] psixanwmalos: THE business?
    [12:33:03 πμ] psixanwmalos: yeah go on
    [12:33:24 πμ] Victoria Swan: If you have xml feed
    [12:33:30 πμ] Victoria Swan: then we can talk about it
    [12:33:35 πμ] psixanwmalos: i have.
    [12:33:39 πμ] psixanwmalos: now talk about it.
    [12:33:40 πμ] Victoria Swan: how many?
    [12:33:46 πμ] psixanwmalos: 332
    [12:33:57 πμ] Victoria Swan: are you kidding me ?
    [12:34:17 πμ] psixanwmalos: no why i ve got 372 websites and 332 with feeds.
    [12:34:27 πμ] psixanwmalos: what so weird about it.
    [12:34:33 πμ] psixanwmalos: now talk about the business.
    [12:34:40 πμ] psixanwmalos: i did what i have to do.
    [12:35:43 πμ] Victoria Swan: you know what? you're really special.
    [12:36:19 πμ] psixanwmalos: but i am a creep.
    [12:36:22 πμ] psixanwmalos: a weirdo.
    [12:36:30 πμ] psixanwmalos: i dont belong here.
    [12:36:55 πμ] Victoria Swan: You're funny
    [12:36:58 πμ] psixanwmalos: what the hell are we doing here
    [12:36:58 πμ] psixanwmalos: ?
    [12:37:06 πμ] Victoria Swan: I don't know
    [12:37:12 πμ] psixanwmalos: talk me about the business bro.
    [12:37:28 πμ] Victoria Swan: Because you didn't tell me the truth, ok?
    [12:37:40 πμ] psixanwmalos: did you just tell me I am liar?
    [12:37:43 πμ] psixanwmalos: how dare you
    [12:37:48 πμ] Victoria Swan: acctually, i have a company
    [12:38:02 πμ] psixanwmalos: actually i dont give a fuck
    [12:38:12 πμ] Victoria Swan: and i do some ppc business.
    [12:38:17 πμ] psixanwmalos: 2 fucks then
    [12:38:23 πμ] psixanwmalos: i am bored bb.
    [12:38:42 πμ] Victoria Swan: ok,fine.
    [12:38:50 πμ] Victoria Swan: bye.
    [12:41:13 πμ] psixanwmalos: :*[/B]

    Hope someone to consider banning him or at least reduce his privileges so he wont be able to collect data and try to scam innocent new members,
    see ya!