Very Short Stories

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    Gina finally had kids. For once, she felt complete, but after two days she released them, letting them return to their families.

    "I like my sausages a little burnt," she said, cooking our breakfast. I felt a desperate urge to put my pants on.

    "You have such an intriguing mind and such interesting thoughts. I wonder where they come from" she said, holding my brain up to the light.

    Desperate, I unplugged all the clocks in my house. With time stopped, I hid in today, safely away from your impending visit tomorrow.

    One time, long ago, when you weren't looking, I swapped souls with you. Now yours is dirtier than mine. I want to swap back. Hold still.

    I won the election by promising two Saturdays every week, but my victory was short lived when they noticed I got rid of Sunday along the way.

    "Like a Sprite?? she said knowing it was my favorite. ?Yes?. She put it on the bed just out of reach. I strained against the handcuffs.

    On your birthday, I took you out to celebrate. We reminisced about our years together, then returned you to your crypt till next year.

    I transformed into a puppy then crawled into Mother's lap where I bathed in the affection she neglected to show me in my human form.

    We circled the wagons and fought to defend ourselves against the relentless attack. With each casualty, we heard the evil laugh of Monday.

    I listened patiently for you to make a noise but you never did. Reluctantly I had to admit you were right, it was a bottomless pit.

    I poured the words out onto the table then used my hand to brush away the excess, leaving behind only those needed to invoke the story.

    The tears fell from my eyes and burned through the ropes that bound me. I learned crying was my superpower, it could free me when needed.

    I invited you into my secret underground lair where I kept the relics of my life, hoping you would make my collection complete and embalm me.

    "I want to have your children" she whispered in my ear, but I broke free and stopped the witch before she could put Tim and Tara in the oven.

    I opened the door on the left, knowing it contained the tiger or the princess. As the tiger leapt on to me, I begged the King for a do-over.

    I watched you perform your evil from the observation room, but didn't think overdue library books rated your joining the league of villains.

    It was the perfect first date. Dinner then kisses as I held you close, absorbing the life force from your body, watching you turn to dust.

    I snapped off the shaft of the arrow, leaving the tip in my thigh, and kept running, determined to overcome the obstacles for a promotion.

    Disguised as the Devil, I tested you by tempting you with wealth, power, and fame before approving your application to marry me.