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    Hello Everyone I am from Pakistan and using Amazon from months. Most of my deliveries lost due to long distance and i had to ask for refund/replacement all the time. after few months my account got banned by also i was using one more account (1 month older than the current account) of amazon which was also banned at the same time. i know that it is very hard or impossible to get back on amazon after your account is blocked but i looked in my old Hotmail id and discovered that i had an account which i didn't use for years. i recovered my password and my old account is working perfectly. its been 2 months and my old account still exist. i haven't ordered anything yet fearing that it could be banned too and i can lost my money. Also, in the address information, i have added different name, slightly different address (actually the same destination) & a different phone number. I have applied for a new credit card which i will receive two weeks later and will shop using it. I also got a new internet connection so I would be preferring to start shopping only using new internet (definitely will be a different IP). , Any experienced person could help me if i can safely use my old account for shopping with Amazon UK. your help and prompt answer will be highly appreciated

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    I previously used my blocked account in my laptop, brother's laptop, android phone & Ipad. even the old account, which is still working perfectly,is being operated by me from my laptop. also regarding slightly different address, I believe, as it is not UK, it is safe to made slight changes to the same address.
    Please answer with explanation & detailed information. do i need to be aware of some more points? will my account be banned when i will place the order? will my account be banned when i will enter my credit card number? Do I have to change my address but if address is the issue, why it is not banned till now?

    Note: * I previously used my brother's credit card as i never applied for my own before & now i am going to use my own.