Very noob youtube questions

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    First off, thank you for your time.

    I manually rate up my comments to get them on top, by logging in and out on mock accounts (using the same ip though) and it seems to work but they still fall off the top even though nature takes over and reg ppl rate it up.

    1)Is it because I am rating it on my same ip?
    2)I do understand if someone replies to it, it will fall off though as well, right?
    3)I notice I miss out on a lot of replies to my comments due to not getting a pm, is that just a flaw in YT's system?
    4) I was told, that ONLY I see my comment on top if I use the same IP to rate it up, but I have "borrowed" the neighbors wifi and I see mine on the top still, whats the truth to that?

    I do a lot of debating on active vids, it gains me tons of views/subs and such on my channel, but I am still new to this but I am confident my niche is unique and I will be the first one to do this, to my knowledge.

    I just have a lot to learn about editing vids, before I even begin to share my niche with the world, I am more interested in building a fan base as I learn how to make top notch vids and release them and hopefully gain partnership.

    one final noob question
    does a channel name even matter in the end?
    my current channel is gypsysroad
    however I considered starting over again with
    I am confident I can get pretty much all my "fans" to follow me there
    but should I even worry about trivial stuff like that?

    I want to do this right the first time

    Thanks in advanced for your help in my noob questions, and plz remember we all have to start somewhere :)