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Very Limited Affiliate Partnership | IM Skills Needed | Lots of Money for The Taking

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by swinter84, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. swinter84

    swinter84 Junior Member

    Nov 7, 2008
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    I have the opportunity to work with a law firm and start sending leads to them. They take on cases for at least 6 different problem medications at the time.

    Before I get into the details, this will be a partnership venture. I am looking for two partners on this. I will invoice them every two weeks. This will be split three ways, so work will need to be equal. Bring something to the table... There will be some initial work that needs done, and then obviously any marketing that comes later.

    I have done some initial keyword research and searches for each drugs kw's and I'm seeing around 5,000 searches. This was very limited research, so there is probably much more. Not to mention, I am getting more info on the cases they want to take on, then I can do better research.The traffic is there and this offer or anything like it is not available, at least that I know of.
    The money is there for the taking, I will just need some help getting everything setup and keeping it running.

    Things that will need to be done (I can do or help with most):

    Do complete KW research
    Decide on marketing plan(adwords for some(key phrases with drug names usually don't work in adwords), seo for most probably.)
    Create a site to hold all LP's created.
    Setup or Outsource Link Wheels for the 6 main drug LP's
    Setup PPC

    I would like to have costs split three ways, but I will make this work without that factor If I have to.

    Anybody have the time and skills needed? Will this work for you?