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    I'm Paul and together with my business partner, Diane, will be launching a great guide which will help all nursing mothers and now you can also be part of this exclusive launch as well.

    We'll do a prelaunch on 4th February 2013 and the full launch on 11th February 2013. Please mark your calendar. This will give you a good preparation time to get the best out of the launch

    This guide has been written by Diane herself based on her life experience and should be able to help all mothers of the following
    1) problems getting the sufficient supply of breast milk
    2) unable to feed their babies due to constant lack of supply
    3) help mothers not to solely rely on expensive yet unreliable infant milk

    There are millions of struggling mothers with these problems and you can be assured of the demand for such information.

    You'll be getting 75% of each sale and including all the backend products being promoted to the list.

    We have tested some traffic and currently it converts at close to 2%, which is not too bad considering we have yet to maximized all the possible split test variations.
    There are also some great accompanying bonuses which should be able to complement the main product nicely.

    Promoting the guide should be very simple as we have prepared the following
    affiliate materials where you can literally copy and paste to your success
    1) solo emails
    2) autoresponder emails
    3) articles
    4) review articles
    5) ebook covers/banners
    6) free ebooks
    7) video
    8) PDFs and powerpoints for promotions
    Milk Up! Increase Milk Supply Naturally[FONT=&quot]
    You can get all your affiliate tools here

    This is a great billion dollar industry where there aren't many big competition on this niche yet.

    Do let me know if you have any questions or anything else which we can offer
    further assistance

    Appreciate your feedback

    Paul Smith & Diane Walters
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    SyedAfnan? Sounds like a Malay name lol
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