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Vero website accepting payments? Which route?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by nbaj805, Nov 1, 2016.

  1. nbaj805

    nbaj805 Newbie

    Jan 21, 2016
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    I have a website for a year now. I sell items considered to be high risk vero
    I have been accepting payments via paypal invoicing, losing lots of money and customers this way
    This is kind of lame, because most people are probably skeptical about invoicing
    People want convenience with a "buy now" button or similar

    I was thinking about adding "buy now" buttons through paypal, but that would actually link my website to paypal, and eventually they will shut me down, hold my money for 180 days etc..

    I added a woocommece plugin to my site which is a parallax site

    It has a ton of gateways, and i will need a merchant account
    I'm looking for a solid combo that has the best pricing, so i can add "buy now" buttons and not have to deal with invoices. Customers can just buy, and i don't have to worry. Convenience for both myself and customers

    Anyone shed some light please?