Verisign is at it again, but this time they want all the power to shut you down. :(

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    "VeriSign, the monopoly registry operator for .com/.net domain names, has submitted a proposal to ICANN describing an 'Anti-Abuse' policy. If allowed to proceed with such a policy, they would become judge, jury and executioner, with the ability to suspend or even cancel alleged 'abusive' domain names without due process for registrants. The proposal even recognizes that legitimate domain names may be taken down improperly, and offers a 'protest' procedure. However, VeriSign does not appear to offer any ability to protest an accusation of abuse before the suspension or cancellation. They intend to 'shoot first and ask questions later.'"

    Anyone here have any accounts that Verisign tried to get suspended for BH methods or selling Pharma?

    What was the current procedure they took?