Verifying PR of Pending Delete domains whew unsure PR

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    From some time I test new way to checking if domain have real PR even if and other similar tools say unsure PR and for now on it is almost as accurate as "info:domena". I search internet to check if some one sheer this method but I didn't find any posts abut that. For example I check all PR5+ domain that are listed to drop in next days I filtered one that have RD<10 and fake PR via expireddomains. 54 domains left after that 8 that have real PR according expired domains and rest where unsure. And after checking that 46 unsure I manage to verified that 3 have Fake PR and 14 have Real PR. So I find 14 domains that will be easier to catch and have real PR. My question is if you would pay for service verifying if PR is real even if other services can?t do so? Payment would be only if we manage to verified if PR is real or fake no payments for domains we can?t verified. Payments would be probably 1-2$ for domain or 1$ for pr 1, 2$ for pr 2, 3$ for PR 3 and so on. For obvious reasons I can?t sheer what this method is but I can say it is using Google Data to verified if PR is real.