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Vendors who plaster their 1-800 number all over their site and dont give you credit for it

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by mikie46, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. mikie46

    mikie46 Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Aug 6, 2008
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    Iv been promoting a product for about a year with very good conversions, until recently. I used to be able to convert 8 or more sales for less than $60 p/d on Google now its taking $200 p/d to do that same thing.

    Early on i had problems with what they were doing.

    1) They plaster their 1-800 number all over the first page of their site. I called the number a few times to be greeted by a sweet sounding lady name Virginia. We got to talking about the affiliate program they offer and i asked her if affiliates get any kind of credit when a customer calls her to place an order. She said no, there was no way to track that. She also said she takes 10 - 15 orders p/d.

    What do you think about merchants we do this? Why is this fair? I push the customer to their page, the customer calls the 1-800 number and i dont get the sale? :eek:

    Keep in mind, the vendor here has their own affiliate tracking system. Its not clickbanks or one of these other networks. What really yanks my crank is that even after i emailed the owner about this he told me they would not be changing this.

    On the same page, they offer an email opt-in. When you opt in you get a free shipping discount provided you use the code. Then the customer can come back later and purchase. Provided you drop your cookie you may get the sale. I have no way of testing how effective this has been. The phone thing is more an annoyance. I have lost at least 10 order p/m, even more.

    2) The vendor tries to outbid you on Google adwords with his own advertising. What is the point of having affiliates if you can get all the sales? Iv asked the owner this question before and he has never replied directly to this question. He is constantly in competition with me in the #1 position on adwords trying to outbid me to get 100% of the pussy as they say.

    Would you continue to promote a vendor who tries everything they can to screw you out of a sale even if the conversions are pretty good?
  2. Remington

    Remington Regular Member

    Feb 27, 2009
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    I've done it and sometimes I even make a game of it. If the merchant is still legit (tracking still works and payments still comes), getting customers past a lot of the diversion attempts is just a matter of adjusting your sales pitch.

    The biggest problem is that eventually the merchant gets sick of the affiliate making sales anyway, and either turns off the tracking or outright closes the program.

    Adwords bidwarring is a special circumstance. I've yet to see a merchant who couldn't bid enough to make PPC competition with them a losing proposition. But a merchant obsessed with having the #1 adwords spot just begs to have an adsense site specially optimized just to trigger their ads. Then you get paid whether anyone actually buys their stuff or not!