Vectorfy - Do you know this tool ?

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    Hi everybody,

    It sems nobody has mentioned Verctorify on BHW yet. Could some members tell briefly what they think about it ?



    Here is a brief description of this tool:

    Vectorfy is the new kid on the block. This idea was from a mathmatical genuis of a guy, that was later developed and commercialized into one of my favorite tools. It?s awesome, and you should be using it no matter what the color of your SEO hat.
    Vectorfy is a ?content relevancy? tool. It?s a complicated subject, but in layman?s terms it tells you what and how many ?vector keywords? you should use within your content to make it the most relevant to the Google algorithm. This makes ranking for keywords (and specifically longtails) easier, and really amplifies your link building.
    For example, if I was going to try and rank this page for ?SEO tools? then according to the tool I should also be using other terms within my content such as:

    • Woorank
    • diagnostics
    • spydermate
    • meta
    • and malware
      (see what I did there?)
    There is literally zero downside to using this, so do it.