VCC / Prepaid Visa - Anyone?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by agt402, Jan 12, 2009.

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    Hi BHW :)

    I would like to share something that may or may not be useful? All feedback is welcomed!

    I have noticed the topic of VCC's being mentioned here, and how they can be a useful tool to perform Black Hat methods.

    I'm trying to establish if the Prepaid Visa Cards (physical) that I use for both offline and online use would be useful for Black Hat methods for the following reasons;

    a) they can be registered to any personal or business name

    b) they can be registered under any physical or postal address worldwide

    c) they can be registered under any phone number worldwide

    d) statements of the cards transactions can be accessed online instantly

    e) they come with a 3 digit secure ID

    I'm not sure if VCC / Prepaid Visa cards with these capabilities are readily available?

    Would having a VCC / Prepaid Visa card with these capabilities be useful for Black Hat methods?

    Anyone? :rolleyes:
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    use it for sign up trial and get paid commissions...such as dating...