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VCC AdWords Question?

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by pearse1916, May 8, 2012.

  1. pearse1916

    pearse1916 Junior Member

    Mar 10, 2009
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    I have been doing a bit of reading about adwords and vouchers.

    If a new adwords account it credited with a small amount of money, say $5-10 would it be activated instantly?

    If so how long would the account remain active for, I mean is it longer than one that did not add some funds using a vcc?

    Also Just wondering what are the best emails to use with new Adwords accounts ? Any ones or phone verified g mail ones ?

    New to the subject and doing allot of reading just wanted to ask this question.

    Thanks in advance Pearse.
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  2. BacklinkBasket

    BacklinkBasket Registered Member

    May 12, 2012
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    Hi mate cant believe noone has replied to you... on a BH forum as well HA HA

    I've been looking into it too
    Don't get the ones without VCC codes =)
  3. kuzmanin

    kuzmanin Regular Member

    Jul 17, 2010
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    It is hard to activate account these days without review
    Even when account is activated adwords support strictly monitors the compaings that you load in to the account and they can cause suspension even the account has been active for long time
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