vBulletin pro needed for a quick gig

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    Hey Guys,

    I need someone who is 100% proficient in managing vBulletin forums and knows their way around PHP in general for the following:

    1) Upgrade the forum version from 4.1.1. to 4.1.6. making sure that plug-ins that require updating are updated as well and that the theme will work properly after the update.

    2) Look into and fix a recent error, where search.php started giving a 500 internal server error for no apparent reason.

    NB! You MUST have EXTENSIVE experience managing similar systems, and having installed vbulletin once or twice in your life and "played around with it" is NOT enough.

    If it's you who I'm looking for then send me a PM that includes the following at the very least:
    * Sentence or few about your prior experience
    * How soon will you be available?
    * How much will you charge for doing the above?
    * Where (including time zone) are you located?