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  1. java

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    Some of the coding is done for a bot to sign up and post on 15 forum accounts. Looking for a coder to complete the project.
    Order of process:

    1. Create a Yahoo email account or use http://getairmail.com/random
    2. Use above email account to register for forum profile accounts. A total of 15 forum accounts will be used.
    3. Wait for 3 minutes then access the email to confirm registration
    4. Access profile accounts and add website URLs along with anchor text which will be pulled from text box controls
    5. Save profile URLs to text file named the job name.

    Item 1 from the above has been completed along with the start for the form design, user name, and password creating subs. Most of your work will be in coding for each of the registration pages for the forums.

    You need to be familiar with completing website forms using the webbrowser control or http requests.

    Payment will be via Paypal. PM with your bid. Maximum budget for this is $25.
  2. Mission Ashwamedh

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    Jul 4, 2012
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    Software Development and Internet Marketing
    $200 minimum
  3. gnote

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    Mar 10, 2009
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    yeah $25 man? i was thinking $300
    i would also scrap whatever code you have because it would just be faster to use my own system
  4. java

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    Using your own code, yet still want $300? My guess is that you don't land many jobs, but like to pretend you're a high priced programmer. I've already got multiple bids $25 - $40.
  5. lokiys

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    Jan 21, 2011
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    Then what you waiting for take one of your bids for 25-40$ :) ;)
    I can bid 150$
  6. java

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    Indeed I will. I just need some additional info to complete the specs for the programmer. In the mean time I'm accepting bids and will select the best price along with the best qualified person. No need to pump ego's with comments like, "I wouldn't do it for less than $$$..."
    If you can offer a legitimate bid in the $25 -$40 range, then post and PM me, if not, don't bother commenting.
  7. awsomnick1

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    Feb 8, 2010
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    Did you really get a bid for $25-$40? I doubt you will get any real work done for that much, and if so, I want this coders information. $25-$40 is absolutely nothing for a program like this especially considering how does so many tasks.