Varying the keywords of your link wheel properties

Jul 15, 2010
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Hi Guys and Girls

It's meant to be good to vary your anchor text when building backlinks to create a more natural backlink profile, but I was wondering how best to work this into your link wheels/blog farms or whatever it is we are calling them these days, I say that because I know the standard closed loop is now a bit dated, basically I am referring to your web 2.0 articles and blogs that link to each other to funnel down the link juice, I will just call them link wheels regardless of how complex/random or open you are making them for the sake of convenience, any way without digressing into semantics how do vary your anchor text when linking your articles and blogs together? Also how much do you vary not only the anchor text but the keyword the article or blog is optimized for (on page SEO)? Obviously a link wheel where every property is both optimised for and uses the same keyword in its anchor text isn't going to look as natural as one that varies the keywords a bit, but does having "click here" in the anchor text in the middle of your wheel ruin the passing down of link juice for the keyword you are targeting?

I intend on using a wide range of link building techniques to my money site including blog comments, social bookmarks, forum profiles, rss feeds, directory submissions, ect, and I will also be using these methods to vary my anchor text also for which I am far happier to use words like "click here", or other terms that are unlikely to be much use for ranking but will be of use for creating a more natural backlink profile, so would it be ok to use just my main keyword and variations that at least include that keyword for my link wheel articles and blogs? I would rather do this as I don't really want to waste articles on a "click here" link or other non beneficial terms, and I don't really want to break the flowing of link juice for the term I am targeting.

So what I am basically asking is will using keyword variations that at least contain my main keyword, be enough keyword variation for my link wheel articles and blogs, for both the main keywords they target (on page SEO) and the anchor text I use to link them together? Like I say I will be using other methods to build backlinks to my money site for which I can vary the keywords a bit more.

Many thanks
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