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Utilizing freebie sites for promotion and income?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by The10MillionthCustom, Jan 14, 2013.

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    Jun 6, 2012
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    I've been up since the middle of the night brainstorming about how to use freebie sites to one's advantage. I'm not sure if anybody does it or if it's even worth doing, but I haven't read about anyone trying it. Nevertheless it seems to present excellent opportunities to get traffic, build a mailing list and possibly direct revenue. I'll post my thoughts and questions and if there are any glaring holes in this idea, feel free to point them out.

    I've been browsing freebie sites and forums (i.e places where free samples, etc are posted) and have observed several things:
    1. Companies making such offers seem to frown upon their inclusion on such sites and get overwhelmed with traffic and/or signups.
    2. Once an offer is out there it tends to spread far and fast.
    3. People who are regulars of such sites may be less inclined to actually purchase an item.

    #3 could be a problem but 1 and 2 seem like advantages to me. It seems like free and efficient marketing that drives traffic to your site and/or exposure to your brand or products, if you're willing to give away a certain number of products or services (digital or physical). Could Adsense be used to monetize this traffic? Is this compatible with their rules? And you would need a host capable of handling the traffic - perhaps something free like Wordpress or Blogger? Could such a mailing list of "customers" be sold or otherwise monetized? Perhaps emails, affiliate links, regular promotions for your own store or product, etc.

    I had a lot more to say about this but I'm going blank while putting it into words.

    On a slightly different side of things - if you had a store, would a promotion like "The 1000th (or whatever number) order gets a free laptop (or other tempting giveaway) work? Would that qualify as a "contest", is it legal? If you sell products with, say, at least a $5 margin, and the giveaway item is, say, $500, it seems you could get $4500 profit from such a promotion if promoted enough. Thoughts?

    Thanks for any and all advice.