Using Twitter For Business/Ads To Gain Followers & Retweets

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by ChillNYC, Feb 3, 2015.

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    So I was thinking of starting a new account and using Twitter for Business/Ads to get followers and interactions. My niche is gonna either be tumblr or teen quotes or just personal.

    Just a few quick questions hopefully I can get answers to.

    1. Can I use Twitter for Business/Ads without having a business or store? I do have an online store that I can set the account up for if absolutely necessary.

    2. How much would it cost to get about 10,000 - 12,000 followers and roughly 200 retweets per tweet?

    3. Any experience with Twitter for Business or Twitter ads; either good or bad?

    4. I currently have an account with over 100,000 real followers that I paid for that offer no interaction. I basically paid to be a VIP on a "train" so I got followers but didn't have to follow anyone. So basically my account looks fake even though it's not. If I used promoted tweets on my original account just for Retweets & Favs would I run the risk of my account being closed down by Twitter for looking fake?

    Thanks. :)
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    If you are looking to buy followers from Twitter, they will be real, but you will pay somewhere near about $2-$3 per follower. That is crazy pricey. I sell accounts every day and they offer exactly what you are looking for in similar niches. If you have a real budget and are looking to have a solid account with real activity, PM me and we can talk