Using Trends to Grow Your Social Media Accounts (Gain Followers, Likes, and Activity)

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    Sup BHW, in my last post i said i would go in to detail on how to use current events and trends to grow your social media accounts, weather it be with gaining more followers, likes, and or activity. Im going to be giving out websites to gain info, go over older threads that have made way, and how to use these trends and current events/

    Using Current Event and Trends.
    What I do when it comes to social media is create an account that you know you will be changing the niche constantly. Changing niches has its pros and and its cons in it can give you a broad demographic but it can lead to unfollows. First i started off with an Comedy niche account (make sure the account handle name and avi are a draw in, pick something trendy i used 0to100memes as the handle at first) and waited for the next big trend to come around at this time the "Why you always lyin'" meme began to grow so i changed my account name to WhyYouLyinMemes. This still being in the niche of jokes helped be gain about 2000 of the followers i have now (now i have about 11k). (In no specific order, cant remember when i changed to what since i changed so many times) Next, in about a week I changed it to Stephen Currys greatest shots (because he began with a historic start to the season), Then i changed it to something similar to KylieandTyga since it was around the time he admitted to being with her (big shock in media news), changed to Floyd Mayweather stuff, then music stuff, and now i might be changing it to something related to Holly Holm vs Ronda Rousey (might be too late), but you get the jist, just find whatever is trending as as you can and change you instagram account based on the trend. Yes I do delete all the pictures, change the bio, change the title, account name, and avi everytime.

    How To Predict/Anticipate Future Trends.
    Alot of events and trends i use are very predictable. For example the when it comes to memes i use the rule "If i never seen the meme before search for a hashtag of it, if it has a hashtag it will blow up if it isnt already". Also when it comes to events I kind of just go off whats trending on social media before hand. Fro example the UFC 193 was trending weeks before it happen so i put myself in position to change all the account i had knowing the fighter in the fight something big was bound to happen. lastly, I use a lot of blog websites that gives the latest on news and celebrities which i will leave below. For example i used MediaTakeOut(dot)com to see that Tyga admitted to dating Kylie which was big deal for some reason to the masses, changing my account to fit that help me gain more that any other niche Ive changed to.

    Websites I Use To Gain Information.
    TheShadeRoom(dot)com (also have an instagram)
    TheCelebritea(dot)com (also have an instagram)
    TMZ(dot)com (also have an instagram)
    WorldStarHipHop(dot)com (also have an instagram)
    All of these sites are based off of gossip, celebrity news, and current events which i use to gain information.

    Thanks for reading, any other questions or info you would like to give leave a comment below or PM me.

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    Good thread, I've always thought about trying some shit like this out. I've seen quite a few of these gain followers insanely quickly.

    Nice sources too, I'll bookmark this when I decide to come back to it.

    On a side note, mediatakeout looks valuable but way to spammy/ugly to be an authority, is it your site? Something tells me it is :p