Using Senuke and was wondering how many links should i be linking from for my tier 2's usi

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    Hi Everyone,

    i am still learning to use Senuke x, and i am about to use a strategy i created myself rather than a template.

    can i get peoples thoughts on how many AA links i should be trying to use each day from SB?

    im guessing i just get the daily output from Senuke and tell SB to place a link, should I be starting at 100 a day or is google going to get annoyed with that? also should i leave it 24 hours before i get SB to link to my tier 2s?

    Finally I am assuming that I need to keep placing links from SB each day for all the links produced not just that day's output? Or is that a waste of time and I should just move on to the next strategy?

    Thanks Martin