Using POP Mail Server for Gmail: Problems with Proxies/VPN

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    Synopsis: Using HMA Virtual Private Network while doing POP mail service with gmail results in getting multiple accounts flagged and suspended for security reasons, and the level of suspension is more difficult than standard. It requires more proof than simply answering the basic Security Question.

    Okay so this could be an informative rant with a question. I've not seen this mentioned here before, so on the chance this is interesting or informative to others I'll post this & see what happens.

    Under the larger heading of "Becoming a Real Blackhatter", I have been getting used to using "Hide my Ass" VPN service. At this point I don't have a specific reason to do so, but I thought I should start developing good blackhat habits now when it's not mission-critical, so that I don't make a huge mistake at the worst moment possible.

    So I've been running HMA off & on for a few weeks, and have discovered a serious problem that I"m going to have to solve.

    I run about 10 different gmail accounts for various reasons, and they all funnel to a common collection point on my desktop's POP Mail Server, which right now is Thunderbird. It used to be Outlook Express when I have WinXP, and I plan at some point to move to Outlook. So POP mail is a fully incorporated aspect of my online activities. I've been doing it for years. HMA is the "new thing", and things have gone seriously wrong.

    Noticed that when connecting via HMA, I would get this messages from Thunderbird that my "Password was Incorrect" or whatever, then later would get messages from gmail that a "suspicious login was prevented". Apparantly, gmail notices that an IP Address from (for example) Turkey, or South Carolina, is trying to download/upload my email, and it refuses access to Thunderbird.

    No big deal, I figured. I just turn off the VPN, and email downloads/uploads normally.

    Today the big disaster. Gmail has suspended several of my most frequently used gmail accounts, I assume due to repeated instances of trying to do POP mail service via IP addresses that are dramatically different from "the usual" IP Address. Problem is, it's not the standard lockout where you answer the secret question and all is forgiven. They want to do a full-on investigation, and I either have to do phone verification (thanks but no thanks, I think I'll pass on that one) or they want to ask a bunch of questions (what google products do you use, etc...) and then it will take "3 to 5 days" for the "investigation" to complete before they tell me if I get access to my 5 year old gmail account back or not. (One in particular is the one that I use to insult fat women posting "W4M" ads on Craigslist, whose high level of demands and standards are WAY out of proportion to their tonnage. It's a hobby of mine.) So maybe this particular account has been "reported" somewhere more often than others, IDK.

    But several other accounts are in a similar status; accounts that I don't specifically use to insult over-ambitious Orcas. So I don't think the security situation is Google's attempts at punishing me for being rude to the tubbies.

    One concern is that this is "new", and that Google is attempting to bindingly tie an IP Address to a gmail account. I've seen their attempts at getting you to connect a phone number to the gmail account; are they trying to track and record your IP Address(es) also?

    Maybe this post should be in the Lounge, IDK. I have serious "black hat marketing" concerns, as well as basic conversational concerns, such as privacy, anonymity, etc... and I wonder what other people think.
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