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    so, this is my first post here :D

    I run a forum which has a decent traffic (lets call it "site 1")

    Now i want to build a new site, unrelated from site 1, for CPA offers and no adsense ( lets call it "site 3")
    these 2 sites will be on the same hosting account, unrelated and Class C ip wont let me have a good backlink

    So ... my idea...
    using iframes and a fully optimized page on blogger or whatever (lets call it "site 2")

    step1: inserting an iframe 1x1px with site2 in site1 will generate some decent fake traffic for site2, which being fully optimized should count as a good referrer for site3

    step2: inserting an iframe with site3 in site2

    it will be like: my forum generates fake traffic for an unrelated fully optimized page which also generates Fake traffic for related site3 the one with CPA offers

    Is this a good idea?