Using existing groups and pages to advertise

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    Jan 25, 2016
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    I was first thinking of building my own page about a particular niche, but I've read somewhere that regardless of the number of likes you make, that the FB will still make you pay if you want your page to be regularly displayed on the walls of the people who have liked it.

    So I came up with an even less original idea and was wondering if it works.
    I know that most of groups and pages don't tolerate advertising, but what if I found enough of them in the niche I'm interested in, if I join them and regularly (my next dilemma would be for how long) add value to them; for example to post some relevant articles and comment on them, and after a while, well, start posting some adds. These wouldn't neccesarily have to be adds in a strict sense, perhaps I could write my own view on some product and then post an affiliate link along with it saying that I've tried it and was amazed of its effect and that if someone else is interested that it's the best offer I could find, or perhaps add a few of them and compare the prices, or stretch it in some other way so that it isn't so obvious.
    Can it be done, I'm sure many have already tried this.
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