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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by woodyb23, Oct 11, 2011.

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    I was just wondering what methods people have used to place reciprocal links on websites for clients.

    I do not want to go into my clients main page and submit a url for every directory I submit to. I was thinking of just adding their link to one of their related blogs instead. Has anybody tried this? How many links should I do per page?
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    Reciprocal links aren't worth much anymore if more than a small percentage of of your total back links are reciprocal.

    That's not to say that reciprocal back links aren't ok. If they're legit (or look legit) then they are beneficial. There are many legitimate situations when reciprocal linking occurs and you need to make sure your reciprocal links look like one of these.

    For example, when a site links to a blog post then that blog post links back to the site via a linkback link. Or when a site A links to site B in an article and then site B links back to site A to mention that site A wrote an article about them (such as on a media mentions or press page).

    If the site or at least page your reciprocal linking with is not in the same context (not about the same topic) as your site or the site your reciprocal linking with is suspect (spammy or could be considered spammy) then at best the links won't help much and at worst, they could hurt your site.

    However, if reciprocal links are a small portion of your total link profile, the sites/pages your linking have related content and they're not spam or low quality sites then it's not an issue.

    Personally, I'd avoid directories for the most part. There are very few site directories that are worth anything these days and most of them charge to add your link.

    Using a bunch of free, crappy directories isn't going to get you anywhere, trust me I know. I've had sites that I tried large scale directory submissions with years ago and despite getting 40-50 good quality links after and some having around 10,000 pages of unique content, the sites still are only PR1.

    I'm fairly sure it was due to the number of low quality back links far outweighing the good quality ones. They still ranked ok for their target terms but got hit fairly hard in the latest Panda update, losing around 35% of their traffic on average.

    And reciprocal linking with a bunch of directories is even worse than using a bunch of one-way link directories.

    Putting your link back to the site linking to your client's site on a related blog is typically better than doing a reciprocal link, however, if that blog links back to your client's site, this is 3-way linking and that's easily detected by Google.

    If you want to do reciprocal linking that doesn't look reciprocal, you really need to involve 4 or more sites which are not otherwise related (different web host, domain name registration info, site design, etc).

    Google uses a bunch of points of info to determine if two sites which are connected by a link are owned by the same person/organization. The more it determines the two sites could have the same owner, the more it discounts the value of that link.

    It's easier and better to get back links from a good quality blog network or if you have the time/resources, create your own blog network which you can use over the long term for other clients as well.