Using company names to drive one cent clicks and convert the traffic into leads

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by reptile1, Feb 7, 2016.

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    I own a few local yellow pages sites where let's say company ABC in Atlanta is listed.

    99% of small businesses in the US don't use their own name to make adwords ads since they think to be listed in Google Places is all they need.

    I make the ad for the company ABC in Atlanta -> Google user clicks on this ad -> lands on my URL where I provide exact information about this company (map, address, phone etc.) -> and at the same time I use a lead form to monetize this traffic. Since the small businesses are not trademarks I think there should be no problem.

    But it seems like a lot of work adding thousands of company names into Adwords since the traffic will be fragmented so each company maybe gets 5-10 clicks/month.

    Will have to give it a try. Opinions? Thanks.
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    I'm not clear how you make money out of this. Are you going to sell the leads you collect to the company or to other similar companies?

    First problem is that when someone searches on a company name, they want to find out their address, phone number or other information. You provide that so no reason for them to fill any form.

    Second, if you are monetizing in the way I think, you need to be able to sell those leads. This means approaching companies. This seems like much work, much more than creating the campaign which can be done with software easily. If you are monetizing with ads, this is arbitrage although I would argue collecting leads this way is as well. If you stop to think about it, you cannot profit with arbitrage, it's just not possible.

    You could sell your own ads but why would a company pay to place an ad on their own listing?

    You could do it with bringing the clicks to the appropriate category. Collect leads, have ads, sell ads yourself. Collecting leads will not work for all types of business. If I'm looking for a plumber, I very likely need one right now and can't wait. I certainly won't fill a form. I might click a banner but more likely will check out a few of your listings and call one or two.
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