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    [FONT=arial, helvetica][SIZE=+1]Colors that SELL![/SIZE][/FONT]
    [FONT=arial, helvetica][SIZE=-1] by Kevin Nunley

    Color is a big deal to people. Scientists say we are one of the few creatures that sees color and it was critical to our ancestors' survival.

    Color works great in marketing. There are lots of theories and opinions about what works best. Many say Blue lends a feeling of quality and trust. Red makes people want to act, now! Green makes people want to spend money (I'm a little suspicious of this one, but some marketers swear it's true).

    Yellow tends to get attention better than any other color, but is hard on the eyes. Designers use Yellow to spice up a headline or product name, but put the rest of the ad or package in warmer colors.

    One study showed that the color combination with the most powerful psychological effect was yellow title, white text, on a dark blue background.

    Create an identity through all your marketing and products with one or two colors you use over and over. This is a very basic and effective way to tie all your stuff together in the minds of customers.

    Subheadings Increase Response
    Subheadings help your ad or sales copy sell. These are smaller headlines that appear every few paragraphs in your copy. Put them in bold for printed material. Put them in all caps or set them off with **, >>, or => for email. Proven to be successful. Many studies have shown that copy with lots of enticing subheadings encourages readers to read further, understand better, and get more involved with your offer.

    Benefits SELL! Trumpet your most important benefits in the subheadings. This gives people in a hurry a fast track to read. They can skim your subheadings to get your most important ideas and selling points.

    Subheadings make YOU exciting! Want to know one of the main differences between a best-seller business book and a boring text book on the same subject? The popular book has far more subheadings. They break up the copy and make it easier to read. Try using plenty of subheadings on your website. Most people don't like to read long copy on a monitor.

    Newsgroup Marketing
    In the early days of the Internet, one of the best ways to market your business online was to appear often in UseNet Newsgroups. These are bulletin board like discussions. They can still be a good and often overlooked marketing opportunity. Blatant advertising is usually banned, but you're welcome to give advice, pass on information, and include your four to six line "sig" file of contact info at the end of each message.

    Newsgroups are a good way to build a reputation with a limited, but influential, group of people in your field. Pick no more than two groups to participate in. Try to post messages at least twice per week.

    Don't let the "Troll under the bridge" discourage you. Just about every Newsgroup has one or more Trolls. These are people who seem to live on the Newsgroup and make a career out of attacking anything you say.

    A good string of Troll attacks can actually draw attention to you and send legitimate customers your way.

    Look for an abandoned group you can adopt and promote.

    Effective Ad Copy for Ezines
    Ezines, or email newsletters, are the cheapest, fastest way to reach a LOT of people. For less than a classified ad in your local paper, you can reach thousands of highly- targeted readers. This ability to target certain groups very cheaply is what makes ezines so special.

    Make sure you place ads in ezines that target your best customers. The more closely you can match your prospects with the dominant topic of the ezine, the more quality response you will get.

    Ezine ads generally don't have a subject line or headline. Instead, the first few words of the ad are often typed in all capitals. Use that highly visible space to tout a benefit or point out a problem the audience cares about.

    "EARN $7,000" started a very successful ad in a business opportunity section.

    "1,000s OF ACCESSORIES" is the beginning of a results pulling ad in an automotive ezine.

    Write your ad in quick, short blurbs. Start sentences with action words to give them more zip.
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    That's a pretty interesting article. I had read something about orange and read before, but never really bothered to look more into it.

    Thanks for posting.