Using Black Hat Methods for Record Label *ADVICE*

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    Nov 14, 2007
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    I will be working my ass of in florida to get trademarks MAde for the Label i'm going to be starting, This is not just any label. it's the Revolution on the internet for all music artist who want that "Major" Deal. I believe my idea is major. Why do i "Think" That? Because with my black hat buddies,they're here to help me. And i'm here asking for advice so if anyone of you black hatters would have any advice on how to make money on an online record label that will offer both online and offline distrubution for a Monthly Fee. Please Let me know. the Label will not just allow random artist to sign up,there will be a demo submission opurtunity Review Fee for $15

    My marketing plan is set in the following states, Japan,China,Europe,Austrailia,Africa,Boston,Newyork

    900+ Radio stations , Features on 500+website 150,000 Sub domains,MAgazines and more and of course once i get a new computer i will be using Bodeezy Tools!

    if any of you have any suggestions please LEt me know....