User: PlusOne, beware of this scammer! Paid for nothing but hot air!

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    really world wide

    This User "PlusOne" posted some time ago the thread named

    "[GET] Free 355 x PR5-PR4-PR3 ******** Backlinks (Permanent) On 3 Authority Domains !!!!" (This thread is somehow deleted? Can't find it anymore!)

    where he had the free links, but also his service where he do the work for link posting.

    I bought his first package at $7 per domain, for 11 domains, payed per paypal $77.
    Had 2,3 email and pm conversations, but after some time... nothing anymore.
    He told the work completion would take 5-7 working days, and he claimed he is online 18h a day, so...

    The procedure was: (i am showing only out-takes from his mails, marked as [])

    First initial contact was: Friday, 12 August 2011 12:49 PM, where i also ordered.
    (there was also 2 PMs where he told me that he sent a mail)
    He then told me on mail: [Tnx for sending the payment and your URLs and the keywords. I will start the work from today and will send you the work-completion report in 5-7 working days.]...
    Last mail when he claimed to get into work was: Friday, 12 August 2011 3:13 PM

    So i waited, waited and waited.....

    On Wednesday, 30 August 2011 21:20, i contacted him, if he had some news for me.
    He replied: [Yes, your work is almost complete - plz give two more days.]

    So i tought, ok it's for sure better not to do all at the same time.
    It's better when taking more time for all links, and not a big bunch at one day.

    So i waited, waited and still waited again.....

    Got one new message from him on 4.September 2011 2:14, with the same email, but different name on it.
    It was just a short of his name... so ok, but -
    the mail was some fucking invitation to "Brizy-Free online Games" from him, which i ignored.

    On the 11.September 2:14, again this "brizy-Free online Games" invitation from his email adress, which i also ignored.

    On 19. September 21:41, i contacted again, for hope is all ok. -> nothing

    On 22. September 08:14, i contacted again, for tell me current status. -> nothing

    On 28. September 09:37, i contacted again, for whats going on. i gave him now time till 29.09.11 - 00:01 GMT+1, (as he stated he's online 18h a day)
    if he did not have done nothing, he should simply refund me. I told him, if i didn't get a reply or pm, i need to open a bhw scam ticket.

    Waited all the time, still no reply, no pm. -> nothing

    So here i am now, opened a bhw scam thread. its much more time as he had deserved.

    I feel it is ok to post the email we had conversation: because in another thread i found the same email, but with different bhw-username.

    other thread containing same email:

    i do a crosslink to this thread also.

    For any other details he told in his mails contact me via PM, thanks.
    You all take care about him !!!!!

    I don't know how to get my money back now.
    Do you have an idea, or was it a "to pay dearly"?

    his / her Profile:
    where his Last Activity was : 08-17-2011 03:02 PM

    Take care all,
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