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    Hi is there any way we can automate the process of adding captchas each time. on freind baster pro . ifeel if we could do this then the amount of money we could make could triple and we could spend our time doing other money making project instead of filling captchas to add freinds send comments and freind request

    I have made a bit of money but i was thinking entering captchas takes some time so here are my ideas to bypass filling in captchas please tell me what you think.

    1. Use imacros to build or write a script then buy 3k captchas to work with imacros to fill in captchas for you automatically in freindblaster pro

    2. Pay somone at to write a script for freindblaster pro to fill in captchas for for freindblaster pro.

    3. Outsource the whole process of filling in captchas by finding a company and paying them a small fee to do it for you.