Use Akismet API To Block Spam Comments In Niche Sites

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    Hello friends,

    I am going to share my hard and bad experience in my weight loss niche site, Actually the site has good readable content and most of the keywords are good ranking but i am stucked with spam comments.

    Almost 50 to 60 spam comments posted on per day so i feel very bad about that problem and then i got the solution from one seo blog.

    So i share that tips to block the spam comments using Akismet Plugin.

    Mostly the akismet plugin comes with wordpress installation but most of the guys ignore it or deactivated the plugin, so guys don't do like that it's really very helpful plugin for your micro niche blogs.

    Just Activate the Akismet Plugin and get your Akismet Key by choosing the basic plan. Suppose if you forget the key, you can use the link to recover the key.

    Once you paste the akismet key in your plugin, it will start the protection and work against the spam comments on your blogs.

    If anyone knows some other tips to block the spam comments, please share it here.

    Warm Regards