USB Not recognized :( Dunno what to do with my mp3 player


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Sep 14, 2008
Hey guys,

I'm having some problems with my mp3 player, i was hoping some of you might help.

It worked perfectly till yesterday, it's a basic mp3 player (all i need) and has a usb that i use to charge and add new songs and stuff...

Anyways before, all i had to do was plug it in and it would recognize it so I'd just copy my music inside like a regular usb flash drive and it worked like a charm. So it didn't require any drivers if that's what you think the problem is so I don't think the problem is due to a driver that's missing.

Whenever its plugged in and charges, a red light lightens up. its supposed to stop when the battery is fully charged. but it doesn't now.

whenever i plug it in now it lightens up and doesn't appear in "my computer" (im on win xp).. sometimes it's not recognized at all but when it does it gives me the "usb device not recognized" message...

i tried restarting everything, still doesn't work...

tried the trick with device manager, still doesn't...

Is there anything I can do??? Its starting to get really frustrating, any help is appreciated.
try your friends computer

use new cable
DO NOT use a USB hub - direct connect

hapenned to me once though.
couldnt save it
so, i turned the mp3 player into a frisbee
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