[USA Only] Looking for someone with an active Verizon postpaid account

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    Mar 28, 2017
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    A friend and I found a hack that lets you get phones at a massive discount from Verizon. He found a guy that let him get a few of them but then got too scared to do any more. People on reddit are too chicken to do it too but I've lurked around here a little bit and think some of y'all would be up for it.

    Must be a PERSONAL Verizon account, not a business account, and be able to open a new line without the huge ass deposit (won't actually be opening the line, it's just required for the hack). Would prefer if you live in AL, AZ, CO, IL, NM, ND, or SD but it would still work otherwise.

    PM me for more info. Rewards will be offered if it works.