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*USA* California Based Wholesale Cosmetics - Kitchen Appliance - Clothing - Electronics

Discussion in 'Dropshipping & Wholesale Hookups' started by AdisLCS, Apr 11, 2012.

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  1. AdisLCS

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    May 16, 2009
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    Wholesale Cosmetics, Clothing, Electronics and many other items
    ( we have bins/pallets/truck loads of brand name, dept. store (like Kohl's), household items, toys, consumer electronics, kitchen appliance, export only lots, power tools, gardening tools and much more. We have very few single item lots, most are from liquidation, closeouts and mostly customer returns from major US department stores.

    If you have special requirements please contact me with budget, items and any info that may help me find the best deal for you.
    ( No Iphone, Apple, Headphones etc please)
    Thank you,
    Adis @
    LCS Wholesale

    Large Order Sample: Truck Load

    Department store: Kohl's
    Wholesale value: $75,000+
    Your Cost: 30% of Wholesale (about $22K)
    Freight Charges: ~$3,000 (to be determined)
    Location: Ohio
    Products: (no clothing) Household Electronics, Kitchen Appliance etc
    # of Pallets: 48


    Small Order Sample: small cosmetic cases:
    Conditions available: new overstock, master cases, shelfpulls, customer returns
    Wholesale Cosmetic cases / pallets by: mixed lots Maybelline, L'Oreal and Almay Wholesale Assorted L'Oreal Cosmetics

    Wholesale Assorted L’Oreal Cosmetics
    New Overstock

    Assortment of 55pcs or 250 pcs per case

    • Well known branded goods
    • Items come both loose & carded – all retail-ready!
    • A percentage of the items come in small master cases
    • You pay approximately 10-25% of true retail value!
    • The majority of the makeup items are loose/bulk (not carded)

    small $150, big $500
    $20 (US Only)

    Lots typically contain:
    HIP Color Presso Lip Gloss, HIP Shocking Shadow, HIP Kohl Eyeliner, Sublime bronze self tanner, Featherlash mascara, Volume Perfect Lip Coral, HIP Blendable blushing crème, Color Riche Lip Color, Endless Kissable Lipstick, HIP pure pigment sticks HIP color rich cream shadow, Wear infinite shadow duos, Bare Naturale eyeliner, Bare Naturale shadow, HIP shadow duo, Infallible makeup, Infallible concealer stick, Color juice lip gloss.

    Please note, you should receive between 2 and 4 units of each item. Not every item listed above is guaranteed to be in each box.
    Please note: these lots do not contain any nail polish/nail enamel.
    Sample 2 - Cosmetics:

    Wholesale shelf pull cosmetics & accessories (new+unopened)
    Mixed lots of assorted shelf pull cosmetics and personal care accessories in great condition!

    Packed 500 pieces per case

    Location: LA
    500 pcs
    $20 (US Only)
    Condition: Items are unopened and retail-ready.

    Lots will include an assortment of brands such as Hedy’s, sally Hansen, NYC, Mood Struck and L.A. Girls, City Color, Little Fingrs, Jesse’s Girl.

    Cases may include a variety of items like nail polish, nail stick on gems, nail polish strips, eye shadow kits, stick on artificial nails, lip sticks, eyeliners, mood changing lip gloss, blush, cackel nail polish, smooch proof lip stain, holographic lip color and more.
    These shelf pull products may include original retail stickers.

    approximate content:
    NYC Eye Shadow 25
    Nail Polish 125
    Sally Hansen nail strips 10
    Blush 40
    Eye Shadow Kits 40
    Lip Gloss 175
    Eyeliners 80
    Stick on nails 5
    Total 500
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