US Numbers For PVA Creation A Service You've Been Searching For Long Time On BHW

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Mar 22, 2012
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Op approved, number created by Martin.hobok and manually updated by him to redirect to desired US (in my case) phone number.
I ordered 20 numbers last Monday and they were delivered promptly and ahead of schedule. All the numbers worked perfectly for PVA creation. I highly recommend this seller. I'm placing another order with him today.
I don't need 10 numbers at once. Is there any option for me? Id only like 1-2 numbers at a time, but I will keep coming back.
i also wana try but not possible with 10 no. Any chance to try with lower ?

I am really sorry, but minimum order is 10 nrs. My numbers are very good. I know what i am selling.
My numbers been tested in order for the ad to be approved, also see the above feedback.

I appreciate your post.

Thank you
How is this different than Call Fire?


I do not know if its nice to compare my business with other people's business.
So, i am just going to reffer to what my numbers are good for:

- my numbers are real landline numbers - not VOIP numbers
- you can forward them to any number you want, so, you could buy lots of numbers, but you'll get calls or messages (voice only) to one single number at your choice
- you can create Phone Verfied Accounts (PVAs) with my numbers (please see the DISCLAIMER in my sales letter) and post an ad or simply create an account on sites that requires phone verification ( i do not encourage or advise you to spam or abuse third party sites - comply with their TOS)

Hope this helps.

Thank you.
I need 1-2 numbers as well, shame that the minimum is 10. Please let me know if this changes.

Thank you.
How long does the setup take ? For 10 numbers that is.
Can you pm me your email ? I cant PM yet and want to order.
I'd like to order 10 number,your paypal address is?

Let me know thanks!
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