URL with affiliate ID is outranking our homepage. Nuclear option?

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    Mar 8, 2018
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    We're currently running into an indexing and ranking issue on our website. We have an affiliate link applied to our index URL (hxxps://playon.co) which is not picked up as a duplicate URL by Google. It is now outranking said homepage.

    We have applied a canonical URL, but our homepage is a 301 redirect to a page with a language parameter.

    So what happens is:
    -- hxxps://playon.co/ goes to hxxps://playon.co/en
    -- Affiliate links such as hxxps://playon.co/#/?affiliate_token=1390448caccb7d go to hxxps://playon.co/en#/?affiliate_token=1390448caccb7d (I'm aware because of the hash in the URL part with affiliates link it is not sent to the server)

    This gets picked up as rel="canonical" href="hxxps://playon.co/en" which I assumed marked it as a non-canonical page. Nonetheless, we keep seeing this page ranking - even above our own homepage for some branded terms.

    Worse, the affiliate URL also contains old cached information of the page. I don't even see how this should exist, because the affiliate link just goes ends up at the homepage that exists at hxxps://playon.co/en aka the canonical.

    My questions:
    -- What can we do to remove these affiliate URL versions of our homepage from being ranked?
    -- If we were to no-index our index URL (hxxps://playon.co/) to completely remove the affiliates links, would our canonical version (hxxps://playon.co/en) assume the top listing, or will we have effectively nuked our entire site?

    Appreciate any help.