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    Dec 1, 2010
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    I have WP 3.1 and WPRobot.
    It's been working PERFECTLY FINE for quite some time now.

    Problem that just recently occured -
    When WPRobot pulls the feeds automatically it "sends the command" to twitter to post an update. Twitter posts the update with the title and bit.ly link, but if you goto the bit.ly link, 404 error. The posts never get posted on the website, therefore resulting in the 404 error(document not found).

    But on the other hand, if I click the "Post now" button, it works FLAWLESSLY! Twitter gets posted right, post gets posted right. all of it.

    I checked my Post section on WP, the most recent post is from 11+ hours ago.

    Does ANYONE have ANY suggestions AT ALL?

    I asked HG they said problem with the plugin, but it can't be!
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