Urgent noob questions - i did search forum but might outdated info

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by albert hanson, Aug 2, 2016.

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    I would love for you pros to help me answer these questions;
    1. I spent around 2,000 buying HA and DA links, this includes powerful directories in my niche and guest blogging. I noticed a spike within 2 weeks. These are mainly directories, some let you include blogs. Most of hem are just profiles. So do I rank (for example a dentist who 1-800-dentist) and send fivrr type of backlinks (social bookmarking, PBNS, guest post, edu links) from decent sellers and use BHW to buy links pointing to those HA domains?
    2. My website has around 20 pages linked to main menu, the rest of the pages are just sitting in the background, being indexed by sitemap but still rank well. i try to make them look like landing pages. however, will it get really close to top page if it's not linked to main menu?
    3. When i have city pages does adding video, photos and the word "UPDATE" help increase rank?
    4. im starting to see rankings but regret not structing content as url..com/city/article-title verus now it's just url.com/article-title/...
    5. if more than 5 sites with high DA on same server and no priicate who worth linking up to?
    6. What if I backlink to a good friend who ranks well in music, would it do any good to get link juice if my niche is completely different?
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    1) Never send shit Fiverr spam links to $2,000 authority links. Most people here build 2-3 manual multi-page web2.0s to each and then dripfeed diverse links to that over a course of weeks. But the point is don't spam them, period. If its really a $2,000 link it shouldn't need much powering up.

    2) Research Silo Structures here

    3) Nope, but doesn't hurt either.

    4) ...that wasn't a question.

    5) I don't understand the question, what is a priicate?

    6) Avoid linking OUT. Also niche links are FAR better than random crap like music. I'd avoid it myself.

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    Sounds like you're just spending money on things you don't know anything about!

    1) You spent way too much assuming you bought services that you don't even know what they do.

    2) Every page on a website links out to the homepage, you'll get penalized if you use exact anchors though.

    3) The word "update" won't change anything, but updating your website will make it fresh and help you out in rankings.
    Don't forget the alt tag for photos.

    4) Yep, that's a big mistake. But it won't make that of a difference, just make sure you write something with that city's name in that article and some other tags like title or h2.

    5) Don't understand your question, don't link to same site from same IP.

    6) It will do less good for you than for him assuming your DA is going to be higher, but it won't be that relevant anyways.