[Urgent Help] Blogs Reqd. to post high quality articles on. Technology & Portable Constru.

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    Its an urgent situation.. Need help
    I have 2 HQ articles written by native English speakers related to modular buildings. One example "How Modular Buildings are taking Modern-Day Construction by Storm". I need to post them on 2 separate good blogs which are related to the industry and 2 articles related to electronic test equipment such as "All you Need to Know About Spectrum Analyzers". Want them to be posted to 2 separate technology blogs which should be good as well.. Minimum PR 3 (I know its not valid anymore but still) and a decent DA.

    The articles are definitely very good but I need to post all of these by TODAY. So if any one of you are looking for fresh content on their blogs related to niches above, please PM me ASAP. Looking forward for PMs. Thanks