*Urgent/Get paid NOW* Need ASP.NET Script Modifications

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    I need some modifications done on an ASP.NET 'ecommerce-ish' script. You WILL NEED to familiarize yourself with the code. This shouldn't take very long (15 minutes or less) if you're good with ASP.

    The script works through a custom coded admin panel which I want removed. I want the custom coded admin panel to be replaced with a simple config file. The admin panel allows you to chose a PayPal address for payments and an email address that order details are sent to. These email addresses are stored in a database specified in the code. That seems unnecessary. I want the email addresses to be specified through an ASPX config file.

    I gave the above *brief* project description in an effort to reduce the amount people who contact me that are unable to handle the project. This happens ALOT and I'm trying to avoid that, so please be sure you feel at least fairly confident in your abilities before contacting me.

    I'm ready to pay for this project ASAP.. if you can finish it in 15 minutes, you'll get paid in 15 minutes. You can PM me -- or hit me up via Skype for an expedited reply: hkmortenson