URGENT avice needed - possible banker at hand

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by PeaceLoveSubmission1, Nov 22, 2011.

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    So I was in a local furniture shop looking for a bookcase and a computer chair, somehow i got into a conversation with the shop owner who hasent got a clue about I.M or selling online. Little did he know i was a blackhatter;) Seems he wants me to do some online selling for him, possible ebay shop etc. Would like some advice on how i could play this with him.

    Should i just make them take photographs of all products with descriptions give them to me put them on ebay and then just give him the orders and cash when they come through, minus my comission of course?

    He already has a website but hasent touched it and kept it up to date with all his products and i certainly dont have that time either + seo etc etc.

    I am thinkign about just sticking to ebay but how do you guys think i should go about it, what should i charge, is there a certain system i should implement? Or any other twists or strategys i could use in using this to my advantage. If you think about it I have all of his stock at my disposal.

    Also if there is anyone who would think they could come in on this somehow let me know. Thanks
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    Well, since it is a local furniture shop, I would either go with a storename.TLD or cityfurniture.tld and build an E-commerce site offering his products, on which, ofcourse, you make a nice profit :)
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    since its a local furniture shop i highly doubt his prices will be able to compare against competition on ebay who sell directly from producer
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    Because it's a local store why not start with optimizing his webpage using the right keywords to get on the first page of gogle and gain traffic from the local market. Also consider getting his site listed using google places
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    In addition you could try to sell them some craigslist ads. Depends on their prices and there is a lot of local business's selling on craigslist so may be a lot of competition but I would think they would like the local biz as well. I have done this with some local business's that don't get much from it and some that have made a killing, just depends on the products/prices. You can get a commission on sales if you can figure out a way to track the sales that come from CL or charge them to post.

    I get up to $100 just for creating a cool html ad with large pics (hosted elsewhere since CL limits the size). They could easily do this themselves but some people don't have a clue and if they see an increase in sales they don't mind paying.

    Usually its for clients that I have already done a site for so I already have the info & images and doesn't take long to create the ad and make some extra cash.
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    Dude, putting his items on ebay a). isn't close to blackhat and b). isn't a good idea. You're going to be competing with people selling unwanted and used furniture.

    No offence but if you don't have the time to put into this project, don't take the contract on.