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    Hi i need a code to be done.

    basically i wanna upload short video to dailymotion.com about 30-40 seconds which i got the filepath

    the code need to be written in php

    i see the php sdk they provided at

    but i am too lazy to code it or figure out how to go through the auth part,
    i need you to code it, and then guide me on how to get my auth myself in future and of course you need let me test the script you done before i make payment then u can give me the script.

    Enviornment to run: Window Server
    But can test on php linux first, since path is the issue.

    my window server have xampp installed so can test and run the script.

    Basically i want to upload video to dailymotion with my dailymotion account

    so by calling this

    dailymotion($filepath) it will upload, would be good if its a function.

    Payment Type: Paypal
    Amount: $40 usd.

    Let me know when u done and sample url, will not entertain if no place for me to test before paying.