Update: PRP Conversion Screenshots. Affiliates, Jump on Board ASAP! $70 per sale!

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    Hey affiliates,

    About 2 weeks ago I introduced my brand new website, PaidResearchProgram.com.

    Since then, it has sky rocketed in the marketplace and its gravity has increased by over 40 points! Conversions have been solid and stats are only increasing each and every single day.

    Here is a screenshot of the last couple of days:


    As you can see, with good traffic it is converting at solid rates up to 1:20!

    Recent Updates:

    I have added a $57 upsell that is converting 1:4 of all sales. This means that an affiliate can earn up to $70 per sale! (minus CB fees)

    I have also added some material to the affiliate page, and this is an ongoing process, there will always be new materials added to the affiliate page to help you make as much money as possible.


    Webpage url: http://www.paidresearchprogram.com
    Affiliate page url: http://www.paidresearchprogram.com/affiliates.html
    Hoplink url: http://xxxxx.daywealth.hop.clickbank.net

    Thanks everybody! :)