Update on the domain i sold, need info

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by moose123, Jan 31, 2012.

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    Aug 5, 2011
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    hey guy ok so i posted a thread last night about a domain i sold for 750 bucks, i did a domain apprasal on it, and it come up with 2300 bucks its a .net domain a little over 2 years old, i got lucky when i found it i guess but had now idea, so 750 buck is great, so today they have started with the escrow service for the paymant, bonus. So now here the thing, i went back to namecheap just for the hell of it just to see if there were any other domains there like it, i know when i got it all that i seen was the .net, so i went to look and i see a .info there, ok well lets look up the appraisal on, well holy shit, its just under 6 years old and valued at 5,700 usd, i was shocked so now i have these 2 domains valued at over 8000 usd, .net im selling for 750, but now im like should i hold off and see what i can get for the 2 of them, this is a major company in the usa give me all your input guys cuz im not sure how to approach this.
    sorry for postin in 2 spots but i need info
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    If it is a major company in the U.S I believe they may automatically have the rights to it if their name is in it. In such case, it would not be even worth 1 penny... I could be wrong though.

    My friend had a website with a big company name in it, thought he could sell it for a lot but then they ended up taking it away from him for free.
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    I know someone here owned something similar to micorsoft.com See.. you might be in the clear but.. do you really want a letter from microsoft lawyers? no...