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Update of Xrumer 4.85 and Hrefer 2.9

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Botmaster_Support, Aug 13, 2008.

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    Oct 26, 2007
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    Changes in Xrumer 4.85:

    + Now each user can add to Xrumer his own modules for graphic captcha decoding.
    + The reduction of treads in sleep mode is corrected
    + The macro #hostname now works in all fields
    + Quantity of possible versions in variation system is increased (from 256 to 32 000)
    + is added additional ?protection? from posting into the contact- forms (feedback)
    + The error, which can stop proxy/ SOCKS checking, was fixed
    + The periodicity in Multithreading settings was reduced from 10 ms to 1 ms.
    + Now is added the method of choosing the topic on forums. It?s possible to choose most popular topic or topics with lowest popularity (xuser.ini, parameter ?PriorSortMethod=0/1?).
    + No longer assigns smile " " on IPB forums (Invision Power Board)
    + The error in work of tool ?Links database analysis? was corrected;
    + The parameters of self learning system were increased;
    + Help file was modified and was added more detailed information about internal files of Xrumer.
    + The work with radiobutton was fixed.
    + The number of text captcha that Xrumer was teach, was increased twice.
    + Submitting to WordPress and some other types of blogs was fixed.
    + New option of filtering duplicates in the database was added - "By topic ID"
    + New file (xseek.txt) for special search was added (read more details in help file: Internal programs file)
    + The error in selflearning was fixed (the problem was in "disappearance" of file ?xas_AI.txt?)
    + In Tool "databases filter? now words-filters can be taken from an external file (in file, words-filters must be one word per line)
    + Small bug fixes were made in ?Links patterns analysis?.
    + The list of user agent now can be edited in file x_user_agent.txt.
    + Now interface of XRumer is translated to Czech
    + Now in xmessages.txt is available to set flags, in which for submitting textarea / subject is not necessary.
    + Email registration module was updated
    + All databases was updated.
    + Xrumer at the end of database will download and activate the rest of emails. This option work when email activation is in Automatic mode. The option: "DownloadEmailOnFinish="
    + Aggressive posting mode was worked out.
    + The stability of work is increased
    + The error of full filling of cache at submitting through ZLinksList was fixed
    + The success rate with YaBB is increased (in case when email activation is needed)
    + The algorithm of position in database was worked out.
    + The leak of memory in MassPM mode, when traffic saving algorithm is disable, is stopped
    + The schedule is worked out.
    + Small error in DeCaptcha *.dll
    + The small errors of form filling in some blogs was fixed.
    + Error, that could appear, when variation is used in field ?password? is fixed.
    + The error at working with macros #file is corrected;
    + In DeCaptchaSDK_1.2.rar is worked out DllTest.exe
    + The help file was updated.

    Changes in Hrefer 2.9:

    + The parsing of backlinks on Yahoo, Yandex, MSN, BoardReader
    + The parsing on Google now is through a list of datacenters (the changes was made in files: engines.ini and googlehost.txt)
    + in PageRank tool was added table of PR sorting.

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