UnWind SEO – Because No Title Can Explain What You Are About To Gain - from 35DollarSeo.com

I received a free review copy to test this service

TAT 1.5 Months
Op gave suggestions about niche analysis, website analysis, Keyword Research, and backlinks.

Some suggestions are things i already know some others were new to me so I will change them asap.

Good service for the price
Received a Test Report as a Review Copy
  • Conversation with op easy and quick
  • report delivered in an excel sheet
  • once I provided a sample site along with the competitor details he came up with a detailed report
  • the report is made in detail and is split into 6 steps and each step exactly includes what we were missing on the given sample site and keywords
  • They did good research on the given details and came up with some good points.
Things to Improve: TAT he took months to deliver the report may be because mine was just a free review copy, but I guess people don't wait for reports that long, other than that rest everything is good.

overall at the mentioned price you have absolutely nothing to lose, instead of spending hours and using multiple tools let them do their work and enjoy the results. Good service
Hi, i received my UnWind SEO report and i have to say, what an eye-opener, these guys really go into detail and provide a comprehensive and informative report on what is wrong with your website, and more importantly, how to fix it, it's all there, so impressed with what i received, will certainly be acting on their advice

Thank you guys, very impressed
I got a free review copy of Unwind SEO from OP.

Conversation was easy and to the point.

OP delivered the mediafire-link to the report via PM. That's great because Google isn't watching mediafire content.

In the report I got suggestions to optimise my website onsite and offsite.
It is split into 7 actionable steps and includes all details what to do.
The steps include onsite changes, niche analysis, website analysis, keywords analysis, and I also got some new niche-keywords that are easy to rank for me and will bring traffic.
We just have to follow these steps to get better rankings and more traffic in future.

Well done. I recommend this service to everyone, and at that price it's really a no-brainer.
I recently received a free review copy to test this service. I've already found great value in the niche analysis, website analysis, keyword research, and backlink suggestions provided. Even though some of the advice was familiar to me, I was impressed by the amount of new information I learned. For the price, this service offers excellent value. I highly recommend it!
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